Jun 5, 2012

Install Or Update Your Freeware Software With Soft2base

With the quality and quantity of freeware software increasing day-by-day for every possible task you can perform. Some of these free software does get updated every week or so, and some gets updated quite often. Now if you want to update one of these freeware, then you might have to visit their official website quite often to know whether an update is available or not. Now think how much work and time you have to put for updating all the freeware available on your system. I know I’ll definitely go totally insane.
Now if you’re thinking of using some software that free you from the task of updating software, or you’re looking from a new freeware, then I might be able to help you. Now you can go for free applications like Ninite or FileRex updater, but I found Soft2Base quite interesting than the above mentioned tools.
Soft2Base allows you to update your currently installed software, and also notifies you whenever an update is available for any freeware software installed on your system. The program uses constantly update database to verify your version updates.
One of the things that intrigued me about Soft2Base is its portability and the option to use this application in offline mode. That is you can download the software and store them on a USB drive, or CD to use on a system with no internet connection.  There are currently 61 titles available which are regularly checked for update. If you wondering about the number of applications supported, then you can check their online catalogue.
After installing and running Soft2Base, the default windows will show a number of freeware application marked in different colors. The blue icons represent applications that are not installed on your system, the green icon denotes the installed application on your system. The purple icon with a down arrow denotes that the current software has an update available.
If you choose to update or install software, then you’ll be presented with some setup options, one of which lets you to download application without actually installing them. This in turn can be very helpful for using Soft2Base in offline mode. Silent Install option lets you install an application without going through dialogue boxes and thus user don’t have to do anything.via[techyfuzz]


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