Jun 5, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 drop test vs iPhone 4S

Just how hardy is the most popular smartphone in the UK when it comes to the fabled drop test? The folks over at Android Authority have decided to sacrifice one handset from each party, and both handsets do suffer from a cracked display. The Samsung Galaxy S3 does seem to come off worse for the wear, as the touchscreen on the iPhone 4S still works despite being cracked, but the Samsung Galaxy S3′s touchscreen is completely broken, with the homescreen being persona non grata. Not only that, the Samsung Galaxy S3′s case was split in half, although that is not such a big issue as you can piece them together with a click after that. The moral of the story? Get a protective case for this new generation of smartphones, otherwise a drop on the floor is going to not only cause a crack in your handset, but in your heart as well as your bank account. How much weightage does the hardiness of a smartphone influence your purchase decision?via[ubergizmo]


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