Jul 16, 2012

How To Add Your Blog To Technorati Blog Directory

Technorati is quite well known as an Internet search engine for searching blogs. It also helps in increasing your blog search ranking in Google, Yahoo, bing, etc. If you’re blog is registered in Technorati, than you may have a bigger chance of getting valuable visitors.
In order to register your blog in Technorati’s blog directory, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:
1.  Go to Technorati signup page and register yourself.
2. Click on your userID, situated on the top right corner. Fill your profile information.
3. After scrolling down a little bit you’ll Start a blog claim. Add your blog like http://www.example.com and click claim button.
4. Fill details like Site Title, URL, Feed URL, Site Description, site categories, tags, facebook page url, google plus page url, and keywords. Click Proceed to next step.
5. Wait for Blog claim status message to appear.
technorati claim status
6. Now click on Return to profile link.
7. Now in your profile, scroll down to Check Claim for your blog. Click on it to verify your ownership of the website.
technorati check claim
8. A verification message like this will appear:
Technorati will need to verify that you are an author of the blog by looking for a unique code. Please put the following short code ZXQRZWYZ84Q3 within a new blog post and publish it. This code must appear in the published post and it must also appear in your corresponding RSS feed once published. Once it is published, use the “Verify Claim Token” button on this page to tell Technorati your blog is ready for Technorati to verify the claim token and proceed to final review.
9. Now you have to put this unique code in your new post and publish it. My new code is ZXQRZWYZ84Q3. refernece from [Techyfuzz]


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