Jun 2, 2012

Google Maps for Android: What new features are hidden here?

A few days ago we told you that Google has a feature called Google + Localoffers, from which the various apps on Android are affected - among other things, just as Google Maps, which is present on the Android smartphone now in version 6.8. As the clever guys found out at Android Police have to hide in the APK file but a lot of other things - information on upcoming features!
You see in the picture a lot of graphics, each of which begins with "Timeline" and close to let that get Google Maps here missed a temporal component. In connection with the announcement of a new dimension to Google Maps you can now consider whether this dimension does not mean 3D, but the time. It seems at least a timeline history act that gets you visualize in Google Maps.
Next you can see the APK that Latitude undergoes a change: Until you give more explicitly to the person who can retrieve your current location. In the future you will use this feature for Google + can-Circles. File names like "latitude_migrate_to_circles_welcome_dialog.xml" indicate that the very well on Google Latitude + is integrated.
Then there are more files that you can not even foresee what Google has in mind here. Is sometimes assumed that the company will tell us next week when Google Maps, which is behind the "bucketed_price_coin" files - or did you already have ideas?
Source: Android Police


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