May 7, 2012

Windows 8: DVD functionality not included

Windows 8 is not in the standard output to be able to play DVDs. A few days ago we have accurate information about codecs in audio and video, published and made ​​known so that the native DVD playback until Windows 8 percent is possible. Who on his newly purchased computer might only the standard edition of Windows 8, which looks when you insert a DVD once in the proverbial tube, because the media player will play either DVDs or Blu-ray from. Remedy?
The acquisition of fee-based Windows 8 per pack at a low price, or - what seems most sensible course - the installation of a software that lets you play DVDs and Blu-ray on Windows 8th

There are free software for this purpose, yes certainly, be it further, the manufacturer of computers with Microsoft Windows can not certainly take back pre-install software that makes the play possible.

Microsoft saved with this approach, royalties for the codecs one - and if you ever observed the user's own behavior: one looks at all the DVDs or Blu-ray directly in Media Player? Makes it more likely this is not anyway in digital form - with third-party software?via[Caschy]


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