May 5, 2012

Xbox 720: The new console is already in production?

While still drumming friend Caschy diligently for this limited Star Wars Xbox that you here you can win, there are still rumors about the successor. If an optical drive or not, you can only gamble online or not, there is the console next year or later this holiday season, just to name a few of them.
Now there is another message from IGN is announced. Accordingly, the production line in Austin, Texas at Flextronics are already back in full swing. The Americans have already made ​​the last Xbox and unknown sources should have already begun to produce the Xbox 720th That has now not to point out that it is already ready to console ourselves for consumers. Instead, would be more likely that devices be manufactured that can be sent to game developers.
So let's wait a little longer - maybe they already announced at the E3 Mature saying.
Source: IGN via Network World


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