May 8, 2012

AirDroid: Remote access to the smartphone

I really wanted to have blogged yesterday, but ate the incredibly long post Samsung my meager time, so I AirDroid the contribution to today postponed.AirDroid ? Man, you know it already from this modest blog. One of my must-have apps. Not just because it looks incredibly good, but because it works great and brings real added value.
AirDroid is a server that starts you on your smartphone. Viewed in the browser, you now have access to all sorts of things: SMS, installed apps, photo, movie, music and of course your contacts.

Contacts can be edited, written text and photos / music & Co are just loaded up and down, I think the screenshots speak for themselves there. This works when the devices are on a wireless network, the speed in my test was 1a - the app is definitely a recommendation for all those who through no nerve data and want to push her.

Whoever wants to can install additional backup apps or uninstall. This also applies to ringtones and contacts. I had previously tested the beta, which is now released in version 1.0.5 with some new features.

So the phone can now be achieved not only via IP address but also by Also there is a QR code for simplified login.

What else? Multiple desktops, widgets, the ability to install apps via drag and drop (to move files) and so on. Who does not know it: try it, all others: make update.Great, great app for Android - therefore under my Android apps ! Via[Caschy]


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