May 23, 2012

Microsoft introduces the boot menu of Windows 8

A new broom sweeps well known, but there are Microsoft'schen broom called Windows 8 certainly more than a corner waiting to be discovered. In the current, as always, very epic, long, blog post , it will be looking at the issue of reboot and boot options.
You should at least have in mind when using a device running Windows 8 - because the boot menu is great. Have already used the one on Slate. Not only do we have different boot modes, and repair functions of Windows 8 can be carried out there.

Although Windows provides 8 is a "basic Windows" on your hard drive, but what you should not prevent a Windows 8 recovery image to create. In the boot menu of Windows 8 will find everything useful in the future: recovery functions, boat types and troubleshooting.

Quiet times take interest in two minutes and watch the video of Chris Clark. Clearly shows the boot modes - and even those you should know. I guess that many of you are those who are called when booting up with friends, neighbors and relatives no longer the case;)


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