May 24, 2012

Axis: Yahoo is entering the browser market

Well, those are some news. Does it still Yahoo? Earlier times ne was somehow connected with passable search Web portal. Meanwhile, most probably only use Flickr as the only Yahoo service, which is really incomprehensible because of Yahoo Mail & Co are just great.
Although 12 years have an account there, popped in, I have but rarely. . Now Yahoo comes with a rather exciting affair but lost corner of the browser Axis Axis is not so typical of the browser on the desktop because it can be an extension in Chrome, Firefox & Co. plant - because it is simply an HTML5 history.

It's about search & find, without leaving the page. Also you can find a version for iPad and iPhone, which allows, among other things, like Google Chrome, with tabs from the other device on the network to be on the road.

Instead of just throwing naked Links, Yahoo goes with the visual axis path rather what you can see in the video nicely. In the mobile version that is not already available in Germany, it is not just flag push notifications, you can tweet pages, or even spin up to read later.
Innovative? In any case. Remains to be seen what the fun is assumed. In any case, I'm looking forward to the mobile IOS version. My desire browser, Chrome, there are not yet under iOS and really happy I am with any browser on iOS, since connection to my desktop, so they also like Chrome Android realized simply missing. Maybe white Axis temporarily close this gap, I will certainly tell where the fun hits times here in Germany. ( via )


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