May 21, 2012

Download YouTube Videos With This Trick Easily

Sometimes while watching a video on YouTube, you feel like downloading it for future reference. Now the task of finding a YouTube Video Downloader and running is quite boring as it takes a lot of time. Currently I stumbled upon a very simple trick which lets you download any YouTube video without using a download manager. Yes you can download YouTube videos from your browser or default download manager.
In order to use this trick follow these simple steps:
  • Open the video which you want to view in your browser
  • youtube download trick
    Click on your browser address bar, enter the letter ‘PWN’ (without quotes of course) before ‘YouTube’ and right after ‘www’, and simple press Enter
  • youtube download services
    Now you’ll be presented with a list of services like SaveVid, KeepVid, ClipNabber, and more for downloading both video and audio. Choose any of the services to download the video
  • keepvid download links
    After clicking on any of the services, choose the format and quality of the video which you want to download and your work is done

    Note: You may need JavaScript to be installed on your system. Also allow the JavaScript to run for downloading.


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