May 9, 2012

Rumors: Apple TV comes with Siri and camera

Many are already very longingly at the TV set from Apple, but no one knows really when they should be, then, presented exactly as they look, etc. could Cult of Mac has now swollen someone like that, one prototype has seen in action. Keep me is how the proper source for a rumor of an ordinary one, it is of course a person who a) and b unnamed) Cult of Mac in the past, always reliable with Apple-supplied internals - so you make yourself a rhyme on it, whether we are dealing here with irrefutable facts.
How the Cult of Mac zusammengekl√∂ppelte mockup already indicated above, would enable the TV seamlessly classified by design in the current monitor Armada - so you get almost an oversized Apple monitor with the functionality of the Apple TV box. As the source says, the TV includes a cam, with FaceTime calls are possible.The hardware detects this problem my pear - so I can remain squatting on "Face Timing" on the couch, because the camera in the case of single ranzoomt accordingly. As the alternative control of the TV looks like the anonymous informant tells unfortunately not a possibility of the service is good but the Siri.The voice control, which you know from the current iPhone does, so we navigate through the program. Thanks to its AirPlay streaming your content easily on your iDevices on the TV set.

The UI should look like when it finally arrived and now is how deep you fall into the bag must remain, unfortunately, still in a fog - in addition I can tell you most the information passed to the hand that Paul Gagnon, an analyst of his character NPD DisplaySearch, assumes that Apple could introduce later this year, the revolutionary television. With a delivery before 2013 would not be expected sooner. Gagnon, according to the information the parts 40-60 inches would be great, come with 1080p HD resolution and between 1000 and $ 2,000 (or slightly above) cost. He believes that Apple comes up with the same two to four different models.
All unofficially, just about dark and terrible path information reaches us, but if that is not here now all too much "may" and "possibly" was, can look forward to these new devices ever cautious.

Source: Cult of Mac via -buyer


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