Jun 23, 2011

Xbox 360 Gets a Cloud Storage Feature on Its Next Update

Microsoft plans to free all gamers around the world from the hassles of client-based stored files, because they had just recently announced that they would be offering cloud storage services for their dedicated console. The addition of this feature for the next Xbox live update could potentially be the next best thing since the days of internally saved files and memory cards of the 20th century gaming era.
The cloud storage service basically ends your need to worry about forgetting all your files and data on your Xbox. You can simply access the file to their database and presto! The save files pops right up for easy access. You don’t have to think about the possibility of losing your files due to some hardware or software error ever again. It’s probably goodbye to the words “gamertag recovery” by the time this update comes out.
The most important benefit of this feature would probably be the fact that you can access your own account at any Xbox unit, so even if you’re not in your own home, you can still have your Xbox gaming experience to the fullest.
This coming Xbox live update also has other nifty options, including the use of special beacons that would track you and your friend’s favorite games. The beacons can be efficient information markers, letting your friends know what games you are playing and would want to play. It advertised to open many opportunities in gaming, allowing you to share the games that you love with your friends in just a “blink” of the beacon.
There are still many questions to be answered about the update, such as the privilege boundaries of the service. But one thing’s for sure though, we’ll know soon enough, because you can expect this Xbox update to arrive sometime this year.


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