Jun 23, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab Users Complain of Bugs

While regarded by experts as the ONE that has all it takes to be pitted against Apple’s iPad 2, critics on the other hand are nonstop in deriding its somewhat dysfunctional OS.
Samsung’s Galaxy Tab made history during its New York City launching on June 8, with throngs of people waiting in long lines just to check out the exciting features the product has to offer. Samsung Electronics take it as lighter than iPad 2, with longer battery lifespan, and faster processing speed. However, critics see it the other way around—they refute the product’s claim regarding the worth of its battery.
Industry experts likewise hold different positions when it comes to the rivalry between Galaxy Tab and the iPad 2.
CNET was in fact very positive that finally, here is the product which has the potential to unseat Apple’s prized treasure. The Business Insider welcomes the Galaxy Tab’s arrival with much fuss, saying that it is on the same footing with iPad, but stressed on the Honeycomb operating system’s flaw. It is also not in favor of the use of the Android system, calling its market a “mess.”
Wall Street Journal emphasized that though both are sold in the same price, the Galaxy still lacks the edge to triumph over iPad 2, what with the weak battery and fewer apps available.
PC World noted that the Galaxy Tab is too picky when it comes to the use of apps, in contrast with the user-friendly nature of the iPad 2, with about 90,000 apps to choose from.
Samsung, though alarmed by these issues, promised the public that necessary improvements will come out in the coming months. It cleared the Galaxy Tab’s reputation by reminding all and sundry that it is still fresh from the lab and new in the market.
The Galaxy Tab’s creator further looked back to how they were able to redeem the name of the Galaxy S within a year, which also suffered from the pundits’ criticisms as it first hit the market.
Samsung is more than optimistic that like the iPad 2, the Galaxy Tab will also be able to reach the same number of sales, and even turn the Apple lovers into Samsung aficionados.
Hand in hand with Google, Samsung is now ironing out everything—especially with the issue on its dysfunctional OS.


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