Jun 23, 2011

MyPageKeeper: Your Real Facebook Friend Against Hacks and Scams

Any network where there are a large number of users is always vulnerable to scams and hacks. Facebook, as one of the largest social networks around the world is no exception. The scary fact here is that some of your “friends” may actually be the ones who are inadvertently spreading these malware and spam. Two University of California Riverside students, along with anti-hack and spam brethren StopTheHacker.com, finally launched a new app that would protect your Facebook wall against anything that would harm you digitally.
MyPageKeeper is an app that acts like a sentinel to your own wall, guarding it and observing anything that is posted in it. By scanning, monitoring, and analyzing the data, the app can tell whether something new on your wall could be a potential threat or not. During the event that it would really be something harmful, the app politely notifies you of the threat and gives a prompt recommendation of its removal.
We all already know the typical scams that people make in order to deceive people online. However, a great majority of people usually forget that these scams can happen virtually anywhere in the web, as long as there is mutual interaction between two or more lines. Facebook for example, while it might look safe because of different “confirmation protocols”, still has the very same basic flaws as an ordinary email address.
A person could just simply drop a harmful URL to the wall of a user. The user, thinking that it was sent by a friend would simply click the link without thinking, instantly making them a victim of whatever scam or hack it may be. Facebook phishing scams can be worse, because your very own identity and financial status can be compromised.
With MyPageKeeper, we sure hope that people would finally start changing their minds about the protection level offered by Facebook (how high was it again?) for them.


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