Jun 23, 2011

Firefox 5 is Ready for your Internet Machines

It is just been barely three months since the official release of Firefox 4, and now we get another major update again? Well, believe it, because Firefox 5 had just been available for download around 3 days ago, last June 18, 2011 (at least 2 days ahead of its official release date of June 21, 2011). And no, this isn’t some beta edition, because this is the actual official release of their newest web browser.

Firefox 5 was actually a part of their small incremental program to slowly add new features to their web browser. It started with Firefox 4 last March 2011, and it would be followed by Firefox 6 and Firefox 7 shortly this year. So if some of you feel like nothing’s really changed with your Firefox browser, don’t worry, that’s how Mozilla really planned it out.

New features of Firefox 5 include improved HTML5 and CSS3 support. There is also the Do-Not-Track option, a new nifty little option that allows you to stop advertisers in their tracks by preventing them to track your browsing habits to install cookies on your computer.

Mozilla also promises the improvement of their browsers’ efficiency against stability and security issues in this update. Overall, the Firefox 5 is an upgrade that is advertised to enhance the overall performance of the previous Firefox 4.
Additionally, the entire interface of the browser remains the same. No significant changes whatsoever from Firefox 4’s GUI.

The set schedules for the official release of Firefox 6 and 7 are on August and September of this year respectively. Again, the upgrades are to be made as small incremental boosts, so you might not expect big changes to suddenly turn up with the next two upgrades (except of course when you compare Firefox 3.5 to the future and completed Firefox 7).


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