Apr 24, 2014

Freegate Proxy Lets Browse Securely And Access Blocked Websites

With the censorship bills such as PIPA and SOPA, aimed to take away freedom of users from internet by introducing censorship and anti-piracy laws. Even some websites are being blocked in certain regions including popular video hosting service YouTube. You may have encountered with the message that the selected video is not available in your region/country or the video is blocked in your country. Now to save yourself from piracy laws either choose free web proxy or you can use an anti-censorship application Freegate. Freegate proxy is an anti-censorship application for secure and fast internet connectivity. It works by tapping into an anti-censorship backbone, DynaWeb, DIT’s P2P-like proxy network system.
access blocked website with freegate proxy

Features supported by Freegate Proxy

When Freegate is executed for the first time, it allows you to create a list of websites for connecting through Freegate. There are three modes to choose from. The first mode is: All websites go through Freegate proxy, which basically make all your internet traffic go through Freegate server. This allows you to securely browse through all websites. The second mode is: Direct connection List. Any website stated in this list will be connected directly to, without bypassing your traffic through Freegate servers.  There is also a second list which lets you add websites that will securely connect through Freegate proxy. The third mode is: Security White List. Add those sites to this list, which you want to access through Freegate. All the websites stated in Security White List can be accessed by you securely.
freegate proxy
After pressing OK, the main interface opens up. There are four tabs: Server, Status, Tunnel, and Settings. The Server tab shows you connection stability with Freegate proxy servers. You can easily turn proxy mode on and off through Status tab. In the Tunnel tab, you can switch between A Tunnel and F Tunnel, & changes mode between Proxy mode and Classic mode. The settings tab allows you to configure different settings of this application. You can Delete IE (Internet Explorer) history, skip proxy settings, and other settings. You can click on More Settings to see additional configuration options supported by freegate. You can choose your local port, disable java function, disable p2p, disable ActiveX, etc.
Conclusion: Freegate is similar to proxy websites, except the fact it provides users with a client application which they can use. Compared to other proxy client application, Freegate provides with advanced features like Direct Connection List and Security White List.
Freegate supports Operating Systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
Download Freegate via (techfuzz)


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