Apr 24, 2014

Dll Fixer: Fix Dll Errors And Install Dll Files

Everyone gets frustrated when their system provides with an error saying that a DLL file is missing. This missing dll file is alien to most of the computer day-to-day users. If you know what exactly this dll file is and which package it belongs to, then you can solve this problem. Sometimes even due to improper shutdown or system crash, the DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file on your Windows Operating System gets corrupted. Now the only solution to these errors and problems can be fixed by installing/reinstalling that specific library package. Easier said than done, the task of finding the right package installer containing the dll files is tougher than fixing the dll error. If you want you can search for the dll files on Google. But sometimes the results are not very helpful. Just to simplify this process the folks at DllFiles have created a simple application called Fixer. Fixer scans your system for any dll errors and tries to install/reinstall them. It really tries to replace the dll files or installs the whole package if needed for the application to run.
I use to download dll files from their official site for running games, as they require some DirectX files. This method seems easier to me as I don’t have to update or download the whole package. You can also try this method if you really know where you have to copy the files.

How To Use Dll Fixer Trail Version To Fix Dll Errors

fix dll errors
If you want dll fixer to automatically scan and fix dll errors on your system, then you have to buy the paid version of this application. Otherwise you have to manually run the scan, or you can search for the specific dll install dll tab. If you aren’t aware which file to search, then you can open the same application which is giving the error and search of the file ending with “.dll” extension. Dll fixer supports operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8
Download Fixer via(techyfuzz)


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