Aug 17, 2012

Delete Erase Wipe Files, Folders And Drive With Hard Wipe

When you delete a file or folder from your hard drive, the file and folder isn’t actually deleted. It can be still recovered with file recovery tools like Recuva and Easeus Data Recovery. Now if you deleted these files and folders mistakenly, then these applications can be helpful. But if this isn’t the case, then it can be a real problem.

Why you should erase or delete your personal files and folders from your hard drive

Consider the fact that you deleted some of your private files and folders from your drive or copied it to another drive, before giving or selling it to some other person. If that person runs data recovery software on your old hard drive, then you may end up losing all your personal information to some unknown person and can be a real problem for you. I’ve seen many people lending or selling their personal computers without actually deleting your personal information files from the drive. Some of them end up losing their personal files and folders to others.
If you think formatting your hard drive deletes all files and folders, then I would like to correct you. Formatting just cleans the allocation table for moving new files to the same sector. You can still recover formatted files and folders with the above mentioned file recovery tools.

Delete or erase your file, folders and drive with Hard Wipe

Hard Wipe is free file wiper and drive cleaner for Windows. It can be used to permanently delete or erase or hard wipe data from your hard drive or portable drive. This helps in preventing your personal or sensitive information which can be personal. Also the files erased or wiped using hard wipe cannot be recovered.
delete erase wipe files folders and drive
In the hard wipe window, you’ll see mainly four tabs on the left hand side of the window. These are: Wipe Files, Wipe Drive, Clean Space, and Options.
Wipe Files lets you completely wipe or erase specific files from your hard drive. If you just want to erase or delete some of your personal files.
Wipe Drive is the icon with an exclamation mark. The reason behind it is, that it will completely erase, delete and wipe all the files and folder data from your hard drive. This option should only be performed on Removal Drives or USB Drives or External Hard Drives.
Clean Space or Clean Free Space is something you should run on your every drive. It erases all the data, file and folder that still resides on that space and can be recover with file recovery tools.
Options lets you change the interface, choose overwrite options, which you can change from the hard wipe main window also.
Hard Wipe works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. I tested this application on Windows 7 x64, and it also works on the 32-bit operating systems.
Closing Words: Hard Wipe is a must application to be used for erasing or deleting USB or removable drives. It also cleans up the free space, so no old data, files or folders can be retrieved from that particular drive. via[techyfuzz]


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