Jul 26, 2012

Logo Maker: Create Text, Image, Symbol Based Beautiful Logos

Looking to create logo for your small business, website, or for some other task, and you think that hiring a professional will be too much for you. Then you can give creating logo by yourself a try. Creating logo is not a big task even you are little bit creative and know how to use software like photoshop or coreldraw. Now if any of you knew how to use photoshop or coreldraw, then you would have skipped this post or site and moved onto other. Logo Maker is a Google Chrome app/web application that helps you to create and edit logos and images. You can also add and edit text, images, and symbols. You can even download your logos as PNG images. It allows you to load and save your project or work locally, i.e. on your home computer. So, that you can easily open and resume your project whenever you have the time to work on it.

Features supported by Logo Maker

When you open Logo Maker, you’ll see options like new project, open project, save project, add text, add image, add symbol, save logo, and preview logo at the bottom of the screen, just above the ads block.
logo made by logo maker
To begin, start by choosing new project or open project (to open saved project). Now you can add text, image, and symbol with add text, image, and symbol. You can use text or image as logo depending on your needs. While adding text, you can choose bold, italic, and can choose the text color. If you want you can move a text or image over one another. You can even a text over one another. When you add an image, you can change its brightness, contrast, and saturation. You can also move up this image over another text or image. If you really didn’t like your selection, you can choose to delete the current selection anytime with delete selected object. If you’re satisfied with this web app then you can try logotypecreator.via[techyfuzz]


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