Jun 1, 2012

Windows 8 Preview Release install the VirtualBox

So there it is, the preview release of Windows 8 . Have you already determined so loaded down, right? At this point a little HowTo for beginners who are alsoWindows 8 will install. I have the installation time using the free virtualization solution VirtualBox described. You get it for Mac, Windows and Linux, the settings should be the same.
Blanke view of Virtual Box, we create a new virtual machine:

Not much to see here, continued:

Here we find out the system. Windows 8 is already included in VirtualBox. So select and assign a catchy name:

Memory set. Microsoft gives Windows 8 for at least 1 GB of RAM with the 32 bit version, 2GB of RAM with the 64 bit version.

A new hard disk for your Windows Create 8th Boot disk and then take shew.

File format of the select panel. I choose here for VirtualBox VDI.

Here you can choose whether the disk is to grow, or to have a fixed size. I let it grow.

To start, I use a 20 GB disk, it is growing, as just mentioned, with.

The virtual machine would be ready now, I still have the ISO of Windows 8 Release Preview integrate. So, bravely going to change.

In point of storage, we click on an IDE controller on the small CD icon. Here we select our ISO file of Windows 8 Preview Release, and are now actually done! By clicking on Start starts the installation.

The installation of Windows 8 is then a self-goers.

Product Key: TK8TP-9JN6P-7X7WW-RFFTV-B7QPF 

Download Windows 8 Preview Release 64-bit (x64)  Download  (3.3 MB) 
Download Windows 8 Preview Release 32-bit (x86)  Download  (2.5 MB) Windows 8 Product manual ( other languages ​​)
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