May 2, 2012

Back to the Future: Return on the keyboard back Google smartphones?

Not every patent application must follow actually a product that goes into mass production, but at least you can take it as an indication that a business plan in such a direction. Specifically, we are talking about a patent that Google has filed in January and which provides that in future a Google phone again a real keyboard could be missed.
How can would have the Google G1 smartphone, it again be a slider, at least directly, the company has considered several options how to exit the keyboard.

For U.S. consumers will notice the different variants in mechanics do not also have to make sure that the technology used allows the largest possible keyboard, even accommodating a trackpad should therefore be possible. As I said - no, we're close to a production-ready device or you have the current state a guarantee that such a slider phone will indeed - at least, the plan consists of a nexus slider to work.
The fact that the patents already released after four months (up to 18 months would be acceptable) and Andy Rubin is named as inventor, suggesting that Google is fairly serious.
Source: CNET via ZDnet

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