May 3, 2012

AVAST anti-virus for Mac OS: final version for free for personal and business use

To report on anti-virus programs, a discussion is about operating systems or religions equally. I myself know, two-lane drive with Windows and Mac OS X. On the Windows PC I use the Microsoft Security Essentials (for Windows 8 of reamed Windows Defender is included) and the Mac, I am in fact only with the app Brain into the net.
Despite all this, of course, manufacturers try their products for the Mac-savvy customers get rid of. A software that I have just been introduced as a beta , is now published as a final version for Mac OS X. AVAST, which also under Windows with their anti-virus program is a good figure, can now also protect Mac OS X users. The interesting thing: the current version is free - both in the home, as well as in business environments. However, they certainly will in future offer additional modules that can be had free of charge.via[Caschy]


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