Apr 23, 2012

Windows 8: the interest is higher than in Windows 7

If you believe the statements of the Windows 8 teams, then the run on Windows 8 incredibly high - more than twice as high as it was when Windows 7 was released as a beta to the public. It reads, of course, first of all totally positive. But why is that? I just think sometimes that has led to controversial reporting by the media with the people is that many times just wanted to try it for yourself, wanted to form their own judgments.
While the switch from Windows Vista to Windows 7 rather in speed, stability, and Co was found, Windows 8 yes means something entirely new in-house Microsoft - after all, you now have the Metro UI.
Would you describe the way in 1500 readers of this blog to be representative - but definitely not what they are - then probably would be the next Windows Vista Windows 8 on the desktop. Tend to show that at least the poll numbers . via [Caschy]


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