Apr 9, 2012

KeePass Plugins That Improve The Password Manager’s Functionality

We have been using the KeePass password manager ever since the Last Pass security incident, as it made me move my password manager from the cloud to the local system instead. KeePass is a complete solution, as it not only comes with options to store logins in password databases, but also with additional tools like a password creator, tan wizard, exporting functionality and a plugin system to extend the password manager further.
All KeePass plugins are listed on the plugins website on the official project homepage. Each plugin is listed with its name, a short description, and compatibility information. The makers of KeePass note that plugins are created by third parties, and that this has security implications, as the makers do not check the plugins for malicous code or bugs.

KeePass Plugins

The following KeePass plugins improve the functionality of the password manager.  Most plugins need to be moved into the KeePass folder from where they will be automatically picked up on the next restart. To uninstall plugins later, you simply delete the plugins in the folder or move them out of it again.
Plugins that have not been updated for a while are not included, as are plugins that require you to install additional software to function properly.
KeePass Favicon Downloader – This is more of a visual plugin as it adds favicons of websites to the KeePass password listing, at least to logins that have a url listed in the database.  It may improve identification, which can be helpful if you have several similar sounding sites in the listing.
KeePass Pronounceable Password Generator – The KeePass password generator is already pretty good, at least at generating random passwords. If you prefer your passwords to be pronounceable to improve memorization, then you may want to check out the pronounceable password generator which adds just that feature to the password manager.
KeeAutoExce – If you are working with multiple password databases then this plugin may come in handy. You can use it to open multiple databases at once.
KP Enhanced List View – Adds inline editing options to KeePass to speed up the editing of fields in the program database.
keepass plugins
KeePass Sync – KeePass comes with synchronization capabilities. This plugin adds Amazon S3, DigitalBucket and SFTP support to KeePass.
Database Backup – A plugin to automatically backup the KeePass database. Only needed if you do not use syncing or other means of backup. via[ghacks]


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