Apr 10, 2012

Chrome OS: now more than a browser

In mid-March, I reported it to Google's Chrome OS gets a window manager. Aura is his name and he shall ensure that the system is easier to use - feels perhaps the operating system and not just on your browser. Well, what can I say? In the latest developer version is now an integral part of Aura Chrome OS and Google it, at least visually fielded a system that resembles an operating system for the masses, including Taskbar and Co.
As always, the fun is web-based, although many apps now offer offline support. It is interesting to observe what is happening in the art world, particularly in relation to Chrome OS and Android . Android and Linux not long before found their way back to each other. Friend Linus had recently released the kernel 3.3. The update incorporates a couple of Android subsystems, so that Android kernel and main branch approaching again.
Well, what I preach always, not Linux, which we know will usually make the breakthrough as Linux on the desktop, there are things like Android, which eventually might make Microsoft & Co competition. Oh, Chrome OS: window manager with quite great, right? ( via )


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