Apr 16, 2012

Download an Expanded Facebook Archive

For some time now Facebook users can download their archive to their computer.  This includes the photos or videos that were shared on Facebook, the wall posts, messages and chat conversations, as well as names of friends and email addresses of friends who have allowed that in their account settings. This can be useful to have the information available offline, or prior to disabling or permanently shutting down the account at Facebook.
While it is possible to download most of the data that you have uploaded to or shared on Facebook, there is data that is not included in the archive that you download to your computer. This includes comments that you have made on other people’s post, third party personal information other than the name or email address, or photos or status updates by friends.

Facebook Download Your Information

To get to the page, open your account settings and click on the download a copy of your Facebook data link there to get to the following page.
facebook download information
While it is possible to click on the start my archive button right away to create the archive of your Facebook account history, you can now take advantage of the new expanded archive feature which adds additional information to the download. This includes the following information:
  • IP addresses: Any IP addresses we have stored (this won’t be all of the IP addresses that have ever accessed your account)
  • Login info: A list of the logins we have stored (this won’t include every login during your account’s history)
  • Log out info: The IP addresses from which you logged out
  • Pending friend requests: Friend requests you sent and friend requests you received but haven’t accepted or denied
  • Account status changes: Dates when your account was reactivated, deactivated, disabled or deleted
  • Poke info: Information about the pokes you’ve exchanged
  • Events info: Events you accepted, declined, and responded maybe to
  • Other profile (timeline) info:
    • The mobile phone numbers you’ve added to your account
    • Your city and hometown (whatever is currently listed)
    • The names of the family members you’ve listed on your account
    • Your relationship info (names and statuses)
    • A list of the languages you’ve added to your profile
    • A history of any changes you’ve made to the name on your account
Especially the IP address and login information can be quite useful, especially if an account has been hacked as it can reveal information about the hacker.
download an expanded archive
Expanded archives can only be downloaded after you supply the Facebook account password on that page. A click on the start my archive button afterwards starts the archive creation process on Facebook. You’ll receive an email when it is finished, so that you do not have to stay on the page until it is done. Facebook notes that you need to supply the account password once again before you can download the archive to your local PC. Please note that it may take a while before the archive creation is finished.via[ghacks]


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