Mar 21, 2012

Samsung Smart TVs launched in India

latets tech news India
Samsung Smart TV series has been launched in India. One amazing feature of this television is that you can control it just swiping your hands in the air. You can use your voice or make hand gestures to control the television.
You can even operate/control this gadget without using remote. The T.V can also be turned on or off, channels can be changed all without you having to even touch the remote control. Through this “television”,  internet access can also be obtained & at the same time various internet apps can be downloaded as well.
Latest Tech News India

This mechanism is called the “Smart Interaction” & the televisions designed using this technique are termed as “Smart Televisions”. The “Smart Interaction” is incorporated in the Samsung LED ES8000 series, LED ES7500 series & in the Plasma E8000 series of televisions. Not only this, Android televisions are also on the cards.
latest tech news India
These wonderful, feature-filled televisions have been launched in India & cost anywhere between Rs 45,000 to Rs 2.50 lakhs. These may not be one of your ideal cheap televisions in India  but is worth every penny you pay to purchase it.


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