Mar 20, 2012

EASEUS Todo Backup: Acronis alternative functions removed

For a few years here on the blog and the software from Easeus represented. ToDo Backup is a great alternative to Acronis True Image, the guys from EASEUS have diligently bolted to the software that comes in a free and a paid version. The free version has so far been sufficient for many, it offered things that were otherwise only be found in other commercial software. Curiously, the step seems to me therefore that it has intervened from version to in the powerful software. Previously existing functions were simply removed.
The following features have been removed:
- Differential backup 
option to create WinPE CD - 
- Ability to play back on other hardware 
- convert an image into VMWare / VirtualPC files 
- save the image with a password 
- Offsite 
- Execute commands before / after the backup was

Serious cuts, I think. Some users have already asked surprised the forum according to what it would have been all about, the answer came immediately:
Sorry guys, as you have found, some features are removed from the latest free version That is because we want to keep our focus on the paid users and make the free version more likely a test / trial version or for the home users who just have some basic backup requirements. On the other hand, we are a commercial company, and we need more resource to improve our product better. Please understand and accept our sincere update these apologies for the troubles during this.
Yes, of course, people understand that you must earn money as a company. But it cuts out but do not just features of a software that has been previously left to the users free of charge. There would be an announcement from the outset, perhaps a la: "The following functions are available only for a limited time in the free version to find ..." have been feasible. So behind the whole thing leaves a bad aftertaste.via[Caschy]


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