Mar 6, 2012

Google’s partner Cloud Sherpas merges with GlobalOne to offer international cloud service

Google’s premier apps partner merged with’s top partner to offer an international cloud service for businesses in the United States and Asia Pacific.
According to a press release, the combined company will also help businesses that use social enterprise or Google to employ cloud computing.
“The demand for cloud services in Asia-Pacific continues to grow at breakneck speed,” explained GlobnalOne founder and Senior Vice President for Asia-Pacific at Cloud Sherpas John Orrock. “Our cloud consultants in Australia and New Zealand, combined with our newly acquired mobility practice and offshore development capabilities in the Philippines, sets the new Cloud Sherpas apart from other cloud service providers in the region.”
The original Cloud Sherpas, founded in 2008, won GoogleEnterprise’s Partner of the Year in 2011. It is a Premier Google Apps partner. GlobalOne, founded in 2007, is a leading firm that encourages cloud technology. It is a partner.
“Bringing together a dominant partner with a leading Google Enterprise partner enables us to provide customers around the globe with a more comprehensive range of enterprise cloud solutions,” contended Cloud Sherpas’ President Douglas Shepard.
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The details were not disclosed, but the combined company will retain the name “Cloud Sherpas.” Moreover, the new Cloud Sherpas accepted a $20 million investment from venture capital franchise Columbia Capitol and eyes Atlanta, G.A. for the new headquarters. The funds will also let Cloud Sherpas expand to new geographic regions for further development of vertical market solutions and expansion of its portfolio of cloud-based applications.
It is worth mentioning that Columbia Capitol also invested $15 million in GlobalOne last year. GlobalOne’s former chief executive is the current CEO of the merged company that now has 1,500 clients and views 300 percent revenue growth year-over-year.
“Both GlobalOne and Cloud Sherpas were born in the cloud as pure-play cloud service providers,” said CEO David Northington. “The combined firm further enables our singular mission—to help customers transform their businesses by leveraging the power of the cloud. The new Cloud Sherpas has the talent, domain expertise and geographic reach to help businesses improve IT agility and lower costs through a series of cloud consulting, integration and support services.”
Cloud Sherpas and GlobalOne actively acquire companies and they will continue to make merges, according to Northington, who failed to mention which firm or service Cloud Sherpas will target next.via[9to5google]


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