Mar 7, 2012

The 50 MB World Is Not Enough: Android apps now up to 4 GB file size

Even Google is moving with the times. The developers among you may now wuppen instead of 50 MB to 4 GB on the Google server. This should be interesting especially for distributors of games. So far, there was almost a game in the loader market, which could then download the thick ballast from the server of the provider. The Dork: is there a return period of purchased Android apps that were breached by a viscous download under certain circumstances. Ie: you can not give anything back - although the download may still runs. Stupid.
This is now changing. The APK file of the app itself may indeed still only 50 megabytes in size, but Google now allows expansion but two files, each of 2 GB can be great.These files are hosted directly from Google. Also, you can now see directly in the market, how big is an app. ( via , via )


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