Feb 8, 2012

Top 10 Productive iPhone Apps

If you own an iPhone, you no doubt download plenty of wonderful and useful apps. Among some of the most important of these are apps related to productivity. These are some of the most important items any iPhone owner can have, and they can keep you organized and productive on a daily basis or whenever you need them. These are well worth downloading so that you can have them right at your fingertips.

Dropbox is a great free app that enables you to store all of your documents, pictures and videos in a single location so that you can access them anywhere you want. The app works in synch with your iPhone, iPad, computer and the Dropbox website as well. It is essentially a cloud type of application, so that if you are away from your computer, you can always access your information and items directly on your iPhone. Dropbox is easy to set up and equally easy to use.

Evernote is another fantastic free app that can increase the productivity of any iPhone user. It enables you to create notes, lists, capture photos and record voice reminders that you can save and access when you are on the go, whenever you need them. Like with Dropbox, these items are also accessible from not only your iPhone but on your computer and iPad as well. It is highly useful in allowing you to keep all of your important notes stored in one place.

Firefox Home is a great free app that allows you to access your computer's history and bookmarks directly from your iPhone. This is especially useful if you need data that you can only get from your computer, as many people don't always readily have their browser's bookmarks memorized by URL. It is secure and safe on the iPhone as well as via your computer. You can use this app to access your Firefox info on your home or work machine.

Keynote is a wonderful app that enables you to create amazing presentations on your iPhone. It costs $9.99 and is a highly useful tool to have when you are due to present a chart for an important meeting at work. You can automatically save any changes you make and import videos and photos you need in your presentation. It is a very professional app that will impress all of your colleagues.

Use Your Handwriting is a fun app that is free at the App Store for download on your iPhone. It is a note-taking application that allows you to take important quick notes simply with your fingertip rather than having to use the phone's keyboard. It is a good way to express yourself and looks like your very own handwriting. It is easy to use and makes note-taking even faster.

SkyDrive is a free productivity app that enables you to store files into a virtual location. Available through Microsoft, it is a similar technology to iCloud in storing photos and other files in a place where you can access them anytime you want, on your iPhone or any other device. This is especially useful if you are out and about and need access to a specific file for work purposes.

Flash Web Browser — Splashtop Remote Browser is another highly useful productivity app that is free for download on your iPhone. It is fantastic and allows you to browse web content that requires flash directly on your iPhone. It works by using the browser of your Mac or PC computer.

Free Spreadsheet is a great app that allows you to create spreadsheets on your iPhone. Obviously, it is free. It features an easy to use interface and an expanded keyboard. You can even import and export files created within the app over Wi-Fi, when necessary.

LockBox is a free app for the iPhone that helps your productivity in enabling you to store all of your important information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, PIN numbers and other information, in one place. This is very handy and is secure. You can also export and back up your data to your computer in a safe manner.

Chronolite is a free app that allows you to set, run and view multiple timers at once on your iPhone. Up to four timers can run simultaneously, and you can pause them whenever you need to. They also work forward or backward. Via[digitfox]


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