Feb 8, 2012

How to Send Unlimited Free SMS From The Internet

Some people used to find websites to send unlimited SMS in their countries. This is because Government banned more than 100 SMS in a day from the same mobile number so you cannot send more than 100 SMS in a single day. If you are a SMS freak then no body can stop you to send hundreds of SMS in a singe day. There are many online sites which provide unlimited SMS to their users. In this post you can find one of the best site used by people to send hundreds of SMS in a single day. 
You can send unlimited SMS using the website Sendsmsnow.com 
Simply you have to register and start sending SMS from today. Lets find how to use this SMS sending website. This is a simple tutorial for those who are weak in Internet surfing and using online services. 

This is a most popular site especially in India. You can easily get replies in your inbox of your accounton this site and easily manage according to you. Also you can find the total history of your sent SMS. Hope you like this awesome site to send free unlimited SMS in your country. For more info like this, stay tuned and have a nice day!Via[digitfox]


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