Feb 13, 2012

Chrome Comment Save Keeps A History Of All Your Web Comments

Keeping track of all the comments that you leave on the Internet can be quite the daunting task. While some plugins, like Disqus, allow you to keep track of comments that you left on sites that use the commenting plugin, there is nothing available that is working on all sites out there.
That leaves you with third party tools or a really good memory. Comment Save for Chrome is one of those third party tools that keeps track of all comments that you leave on the Internet. It is like your own personal commenting history.
The extension keeps track of all your comments directly after installation. There is no need for configuration, it works right out of the box. Comments are saved in realtime, which means that you can use it for restoration purposes as well. That’s useful if the comment won’t post for whatever reason, for instance if the browser hangs or crashes before you were able to post it, or if you have accidentally opened another link in that tab.
Comment Save adds an icon to Chrome’s address bar that displays the last comment that you wrote.
Here you can copy the last comment made to the clipboard, click through to the page you left the comment, or open the history of all your recent comments.
The Chrome extension keeps track of comments indefinitely. You can change that by enabling the timed deletion option which configures the add-on to delete comments automatically once they have past a select timeframe.
The very same page lists all the comments that have not been deleted yet. You see the page title, the actual comment and the date and time it was posted by you. A click on the page title opens the page in the same browser tab.
You can furthermore delete comments selectively here, and configure filters to prevent the comments from being recorded on select websites.
Comment Save should work on most Internet sites that allow you to post comments. Chrome users can download the extension from the official Chrome Web StoreVia[ghack]
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