Jan 27, 2012

Mobilism Market v1.5 -Latest Version

Mobilism Market is an app that allows you to access Mobilism's releases with ease on your Android phones. If you are new to Mobilism and this is your first time here, read this (its short, don't worry) to clear things up about who we are and what we do.

Recent video review (not by us):

Changelog v1.5:

- fixed problem with filesonic, where filesonic changes its domain from filesonic.com to filesonic.co.il, filesonic.nl, filesonic, se, etc. preventing it from working for premium users

Changelog v1.4:

- filehosts added: uploading.com, megashare.com
- releases posted after your last visit marked "New"
- My Applications has new "Downloaded" tab. "Favorites" moved as tab.
- ability to uninstall apps from within Mobilism Market
- Latest Releases divided into tabs- Apps, Games, Movies, eBooks
- latest releases for ebooks and movies added
- Settings: notification color, custom background image and text color, date format
- Default browser for opening links (useful if your default android browser has problems with filehosts and downloads .htm files)
- bugfixes

Changelog v1.3:

- new download system
- UI changes
- bugfixes

Known Problems:

- download system thinks you entered the wrong password. After clicking the premium (blue) download button it will not prompt you for a password and instead will keep refreshing. You need to go to Mobilism Market settings and clear cache and saved password (and maybe also clear saved data in your browser). Afterwards kill Mobilism Market with a process manager to make sure its closed, and start it up again.
- "fake" force close. App tells you it need to force close, you click force close, and it brings you back to the previous screen.

Mobilism Market is free and without ads, but comes with a premium feature that allows direct downloading from the main filehosts used on Mobilism. Using filehosts, waiting, and typing in CAPTCHAs is a hassle. We solved this. We integrated a feature we designed in late 2007 which allows direct downloading from sites like megaupload, filesonic, etc. You can also use the direct download from filehosts feature of Mobilism Market from your computer, for more info on that read Here.

Currently supported for direct downloading:

- filesonic.com
- megaupload.com
- filefat.com
- hotfile.com
- uploading.com
- megashare.com

When you click to download from one of the filehosts through the app, your file is downloaded onto a server with a premium account from the filehost of your choice, and then sent back to your phone. With small files such as apks, the process generally takes less than ten seconds. This is indeed a premium feature and since we will need to pay for the premium accounts we will be charging a fee for a year of subscription:

One year of access to direct downloading: $20 (an additional $5 will get you VIP status on Mobilism)
For existing VIPs: $10
For existing Platinum VIPs: free

If you would like to purchase a premium account, please follow the instructions here.

Without further ado, here are the download links. The app is free and without ads if you choose not to use the direct downloading feature:

ImageNote that some .APKs on mobilism.org are in .ZIP format, you will need a .ZIP opener such as AndroZip on your device to open them. Some browsers have trouble downloading from certain filehosts, we suggest you get Opera 11 or Firefox Mobile to solve this.

Special thanks to sanyiii and scilor for their hard work and continuous development of this application as well as to godzson for his assistance in the progression of the UI and icons.

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