Jan 27, 2012

How To Access Shared Folders Without Password In Windows 7

There are many ways in which you can access shared folders in the network. The simplest one is through the network tab on the left hand side of your Windows Explorer (this step is slow and boring by all means). The step which I prefer you to use is by searching through \\IP address or\\PCname in the run command which can be opened by pressing Win+R.
Searching through shared folders in Windows XP was easy as by default Windows XP allows anyone to access shared folder without the need of username and password, but when we talk about Windows 7, the security is increased by many folds. You have to enter username and password to access anyone’s shared folder on the same network.

If you want to access the PC on the network without username and password, you can do so by going into their Network and Sharing Center and clicking on the option Change advanced sharing settings on the top left hand.

A new Window will open, scroll down through it to find Password protected sharing and clickTurn off password protected sharing. Just save the changes and now you can access this PC on your network without asking you for username and password.
truning off password sahring in windows 7
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