Sep 17, 2011

Use Xbox Live Dashboard To Keep Track Of Your Friends From Google Chrome

Xbox Live is arguably the most popular online gaming platform, and for me personally, it is the one where I do almost all of my online gaming. Since Xbox Live is such a social gaming platform, it isn’t just about getting on and playing games. Sending messages and seeing what your friends are up to is just as integral a part of Xbox Live as actually playing the games.
With the Xbox Live Dashboard extension for Google Chrome, it is easy to keep track of all your friends right from your web browser. The extension is always on as long as you have your browser open, so you will never be disconnected from all of your Xbox Live friends. You can check what games they are playing and quickly and easily send them messages. If you love stalking your friends when you’re not on your Xbox, then this is the perfect extension for you.

Set Up

Setting up the app is simple. You first need to go to the Google Chrome Web Store and download the extension. Simply go here, click “Add to Chrome” and the extension will install to your browser.
Once you finish installing the application, you have to enable it to work with your Xbox Live account. When the app is first installed the icon will appear on the top right of your 
screen with a question mark indicating that you have not set up your account.


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