Sep 17, 2011

Students Can Now Create Wi-Fi Hotspots For Free With Connectify

Connectify is offering free accounts until October 15th to students with .edu addresses, allowing them to set up free Wi-Fi hotspots for their devices. Students can sign up for the service for free and receive their Connectify Pro license here by using their .edu email address.
The folks at Connectify know that many colleges only offer one ethernet port per resident and that with mobile devices and Xboxes in the dorm room it’s difficult to co-ordinate Internet access for all of the devices you own. Their Wi-Fi hotspot service makes it easy to set up a hotspot – and with this back-to-school promotion it’s possible to use the service for free!
Connectify works by turning your Windows laptop into a secure Wi-Fi hotspot which you can then use to connect your other Internet-enabled devices.


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