Jul 4, 2011

Samsung Files Countersuit Against Apple

Samsung Electronics Co. has raised its court battle with Apple to the international level, even as it has already filed several patent infringement complaints in three courts. The latest lawsuit was filed recently with the International Trade Commission (ITC) in Washington DC, citing the same allegations filed last April in Seoul, Tokyo and Manheim courts.
Samsung apparently reacted to a lawsuit filed against them by Apple in April 15. In that suit, Apple claimed that Samsung “slavishly copied” the design, technology and user interface of the iPhone and iPad. The copy was almost identical that consumers can be deceived into thinking that Samsung’s Galaxy S line are actually Apple products.
In its countersuit, Samsung claims that Apple encroached on its rights for wireless networking technology. These include transmission optimization and reduction of power usage during data transmission; reduction of data transmission errors; and a system that connects a mobile phone to a PC, allowing the PC to use the phone’s wireless data connection. This April countersuit saw five patent cases filed in the Seoul Central District Court in South Korea, two in a Tokyo, Japan court, and three in a Manheim, Germany court.
Samsung asked the intervention of the ITC in investigating Apple’s mobile electronic devices for wireless communication, portable music and data processing devices, and tablet computers. The move may well be asking the international court to stop the US imports of the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Samsung maintains that the patents for its wireless technology are critical to its success in the battle for supremacy among manufacturers of mobile electronic devices.
A spokeswoman for the Korean company said that the countersuits are active responses to Apple’s own lawsuit in early April. In her statement, the spokesperson denied Apple’s allegations of copying Apple’s “look and feel”. She also pointed out that its legal action is a move to protect its intellectual property which guarantees the company’s “continued innovation and growth in the mobile communications business.”
Despite the series of lawsuits, Apple is still confident that these won’t affect its business relationship with Samsung. Apple is one of Samsung’s biggest customers for its chips, screens and other components.


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