Jun 13, 2011

How to Find a MAC Address in Ubuntu

Any computer connected to a network, whether wireless or otherwise, has a unique identifier, called a MAC address, which is hard-wired to the machine's network card. This address identifies the machine to the other computers on the network, as well as any gateways associated with that network. Discovering the MAC address of your Ubuntu computer is easily done using the Terminal application.

1. Log in to your Ubuntu machine. You may need to use an account that has administrator permissions, as all accounts may not have access to the network configuration.

2. Click "Applications" from the desktop menu, followed by "Accessories" and then "Terminal."

3. Type "ifconfig" and hit "Enter." The first block of text, which corresponds to the first active Ethernet adapter on the machine, contains the MAC address, which in the Ubuntu terminal is referred to as "HWaddr." Look for "HWaddr," followed by six blocks of two-character strings, separated by colons to find your MAC address.


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