Jun 4, 2010

Upgradation in BSNL Unlimited Broadband Plans: UL 750 and UL 1350

In the month of April, BSNL offered a promotional offer of Doubled Bandwidth / Speed at same price. Only one month passed and on 1st of June, Many BSNL Broadband users reported increase in speed but there was no official announcement whether it’s a promotional offer for 30 days again or permanent change.
Today, BSNL has officially announced the change or upgradation in Home Unlimited Broadband plans namely UL 750 and UL 1350. Initially, UL 750 offered 256kbps and UL 1350 had 512 KBps for unlimited download. As per the new plan change,UL 750 speed is doubled with unlimited bandwidth and UL 1350 now offers a breath-taking speed for 2MBPS till 15GB and after that back to 512 KBPS.
Existing NameOld BandwidthRevised NameNew Bandwidth
BB Home UL 750256 KbpsBB Home UL 750 (no change)512 Kbps
BB Home Combo UL 750256 KbpsBB Home Combo UL 750(no change)512 Kbps
BB Home Combo UL 1350512 KbpsBB Home Combo ULF13502 Mbps upto 15 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 15 GB


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