Jun 1, 2010

NowRelevant: New Search Engine for Results of Past 14 days

Search Engine is a backbone of Internet or it’s a basic principal on How Internet works. Google, Yahoo and Bing are most widely used for this purpose but I am going to introduce a new search engine called NowRelevant which differs from conventional Search engine. It’s working is similar to any other search engine but it shows results of at most last 14 days only about any topic.
NowRelevant Search results doesn’t clutter your Search results page with all the websites containing similar phrases irrespective of time. By the word cluttering, I mean to say that if you are searching for updates on a specific topic in recent days then any other search engine will show all time popular website ruling on first position even if that post was made a year ago. This thing is avoided here and you get time-bound results about any topic which helps you to get recent updates.
Now relevant
NowRelevant homepage looks similar to any other search engine but what you get in addition here is a Time Slider with which you can specify the number of days or how far you want to go with the results. For example: You are searching about latest Price list of Nokia Mobiles or new releases then, it is difficult to find it on other search engines because upper positions are filled up by popular sites and Dummy SEO websites. But, here you can set the limit of days of which you want to see the results of.
Just by being time-bound, it doesn’t mean that NowRelevant doesn’t take care about relevancy of results. They apply a special algorithm to sort out best relevant webpages out of over 55,000,000 sources for information from the last two weeks on your subject. This helps in removing Low PR sites and Dummy SEO websites.
Lastly, I would say that its a new concept search engine just like as we do search on Twitter to get recent trends about the topic. NowRelevant is similar search with more content and quicker results.


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