Jun 10, 2010

How to Clear a Proxy

A proxy server on a Windows network is used to funnel the Web traffic for your network users. You can use the proxy server application to monitor Web traffic usage, and you can block users from accessing adult and unwanted websites. Proxy servers also cache Web pages, which makes it faster to retrieve websites for the end user. You can clear this cache so that the user can download newer versions of the Web pages for each domain.


  1. Step 1.Click the Windows Start button and select "Settings." In the menu items, click the "Control Panel" option.
  2. Step 2. Double-click the icon labeled "Administrative Tools." Double-click the "Services" icon to open the list of services on your computer.

    Step 3.Scroll down to the service labeled "Microsoft WinSock Proxy Service." Double-click this service to open the properties.
  3. Step 4.Click the "Stop" button to stop the service. After it stops, click the "Start" button to restart it. This clears the cache from the stop of the service and restarts it so your users can return to using the proxy server.


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