Mar 25, 2010

Send Google Buzz to Twitter account automatically

Google Buzz is continuing to lure people on internet as it has been made an integral part accessible right inside Gmail account. Its however possible to link other social network accounts to Google buzz so that Buzz gets updated when you post something on differentsocial network like Twitter, Your Blog, etc.
If you access Buzz more often and want your Twitter timeline to sync with whatever you post on Buzz or simply you want to send Buzz to Twitter account automatically at same instant. Then, Buzz Can Tweet is an innovative web service which can handle this job pretty well. What you have to do is authorize your Gmail and Twitter account so that both are linked.

Features of Buzz Can Tweet are summarized below:
  • Send buzz to Twitter.
  • Use your own account for links.
  • Selective tweeting, only tweet buzz with keyword #twitter (customizable).
  • Exclude text after keyword (customizable).
  • No link back to Buzz when under 140 characters and not attachment (customizable).
  • Use Buzz as your Twitter image service!

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