Mar 23, 2010

Google skips “Adsense” referrals from Google products

Recently, I posted on “How you can double your income from Referrals” I received a good response from it and had one sign-up under my account but now (after 3 days), all sign-ups vanished. Also, when I tried to install another referral unit of Adsense, to my surprise- There was no Adsense inside Google product Referrals, shocked!
Why did Google do this?
I didn’t receive any email from Adsense team but I think that Google already have enough number of Adsense publishers and they are in way ready to pay somebody on referring to have publisher account, what do you think?
What about already placed referral units?
If you already have adsense referral code placed on your site, then that will link to the Adsense homepage but you are not going to get a penny from it hereafter. They are no longer in a mood to pay for Non-US publishers.
What’s next?
US publishers can still enjoy referral income but for others I would say- Only Adsense referrals have been removed, you can still enjoy other Google products such as : Firefox with google toolbar, Adwords and Google pack.
If you being outside US and your blog or website has good adsense publisher referral income, enjoy till last week of Jan month, meanwhile you would not be able to create new buttons for adsense referral now.
Isn’t it a discrimination against non-US publishers as this big change in adsense does not seem to be decided on where the traffic coming from but simply from publisher’s location.


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