Dec 18, 2009

Windows 7 TIPS

Turning off Hibernation
1. If you have something like a desktop and don't need hibernation enabled, you can turn this off
2. Start / CMD
3. This will open a command prompt
4. Type in powercfg -h off

Speed up Boot Time
1. By default, Windows7 waits 30 seconds before it starts to load the operating system..
2. To decrease this time, Right click on My Computer
3. Click on Advance System Settings
5. Under Startup and Recovery, click on the Settings button
6. Decrease the time from 30 seconds to something like 3
7. You can also change the settings for what happens in case of a System failure

Turn off Windows Animation
1. Normally I don't really care to have the windows animate when they are opened or closed. It seems to make things slower.
2. To turn this off, right click on My Computer
3. On the left side, click on Advanced system settings
4. In the performance section, click on the Settings button
5. Uncheck Animate windows when minimizing or maximizing

Changing Power Options
1. By default, Windows7 is configured to turn off the display after 10 minutes and put the computer to sleep after 30 minutes
2. To change that, go to Control Panel / Power Options
3. Click on Change plan settings
4. From here you can change them to whatever you like


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