Dec 18, 2009

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

The Internet provides many facilities to the people. The main advantages of Internet are discussed below.
1. Sharing Information
You can share information with other people around the world. The scientist or researchers can interact with each other to share knowledge and to get guidance etc. Sharing information through Internet is very easy, cheap and fast method.
2. Collection of Information

A lot of information of different types is stored on the web server on the Internet. It means that billions websites contain different information in the form of text and pictures. You can easily collect information on every topic of the world. For this purpose, special websites, called search engines are available on the Internet to search information of every topic of the world. The most popular search engines are,,, etc. The scientists, writers, engineers and many other people use these search engines to collect latest information for different purposes. Usually, the information on the Internet is free of cost. The information on the Internet is available 24 hours a day.
3. News
You can get latest news of the world on the Internet. Most of the newspapers of the world are also available on the Internet. They have their websites from where you can get the latest news about the events happening in the world. These websites are periodically updated or they are immediately updated with latest news when any event happens around the world.

4. Searching Jobs
You can search different types of jobs all over the world, Most of the organizations/departments around the world, advertise their vacant vacancies on the Internet. The search engines are also used to search the jobs on Internet. You can apply for the required job through Internet.
5. Advertisement
Today, most of the commercial organizations advertise their product through Internet. It is very cheap and efficient way for the advertising of products. The products can be presented with attractive and beautiful way to the people around the world.
6. Communication
You can communicate with other through Internet around the world. You can talk by watching to one another; just you are talking with your friends in your drawing room. For this purpose, different services are provided on the Internet such as;

  • Chatting
  • Video conferencing
  • E-mail
  • Internet telephony etc.
7. Entertainment
Internet also provides different type of entertainments to the people. You can play games with other people in any part of the world. Similarly, you can see movies, listen music etc. You can also make new friends on the Internet for enjoyment.
8. Online Education
Internet provides the facility to get online education. Many websites of different universities provide lectures and tutorials on different subjects or topics. You can also download these lectures or tutorials into your own computer. You can listen these lectures repeatedly and get a lot of knowledge. It is very cheap and easy way to get education.
9. Online Results
Today, most of the universities and education boards provide results on the Internet. The students can watch their results from any part of country or world.
10. Online Airlines and Railway Schedules
Many Airline companies and Pakistan Railway provide their schedules of flights and trains respectively on the Internet.
11. Online Medical Advice
Many websites are also available on the Internet to get information about different diseases. You can consult a panel of online doctors to get advice about any medical problem. In addition, a lot of material is also available on the Internet for research in medical field.

Although Internet has many advantages but it also has some disadvantages. The main disadvantages are:
1. Viruses

Today, Internet is the most popular source of spreading viruses. Most of the viruses transfer from one computer to another through e-mail or when information is downloaded on the Internet. These viruses create different problems in your computer. For example, they can affect the performance of your computer and damage valuable data and software stored in your computer.
2. Security Problems

The valuable websites can be damaged by hackers and your valuable data may be deleted. Similarly, confidential data may be accessed by unauthorized persons.
3. Immorality
Some websites contains immoral materials in the form of text, pictures or movies etc. These websites damage the character of new generation.
4. Filtration of Information
When a keyword is given to a search engine to search information of a specific topic, a large number of related links a displayed. In this case, it becomes difficult to filter out the required information.
5. Accuracy of Information
A lot of information about a particular topic is stored on the websites. Some information may be incorrect or not authentic. So, it becomes difficult to select the correct information. Sometimes you may be confused.
6. Wastage of times
A lot of time is wasted to collect the information on the Internet. Some people waste a lot of time in chatting or to play games. At home and offices, most of the people use Internet without any positive purpose.
7. English language problems
Most of the information on the Internet is available in English language. So, some people cannot avail the facility of Internet.


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