Dec 16, 2009

How to upgrade bios?


BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output Service. it is a type of program which is stored inside the ROM chip(kind of memory like hard disk but very less) of your motherboard. So our main aim here is to update the bios stored inside ROM Chip.
Update of motherboard ROM depends on the type of memory chip used in your PC because There are two types of ROM chips used in PCs:-
1) Mask-ROM (used on old motherboards and that cannot be updated by software)
2) Flash-ROM (on almost all motherboards, which is able to be updated by software).
and because mask-rom can not be upgraded by normal user so i am leaving this upon you and will teach update of flash-rom bios.

NOTE:-Sometimes, especially when upgrading your PC, you may need to perform a BIOS upgrade in order to update your system to accept a new hardware part or to fix a bug.

1) find out motherboard manufacturer, model number and bios manufacturer of your

 computer. You can find it by

  • viewing motherboard.
Using the software cpu-z

2) Now go to the download center of motherboard manufacturer site and then fill the information of your motherboard and hit enter.

NOTE:-website address of some common motherboard manufacturer's site is listed here

3) Then u will be given 2 file(most probably) one will be .bin or .rom and other will be program(.exe file) according to your bios manufacturer.

NOTE:-program can be present in your driver's CD(comes with motherboard).

4) burn a cd with file(.bin or .rom) and the program(.exe).
5) Restart your computer.
6) Now boot your computer from cd(by choosing cd as first boot disc in your bios set-up(for that press del after restart).
7) type

"program name" /?
and use appropriate option for update .

for my bios i used:-

Awdflash F:\tx98-a22.bin /SN /PY /CC /R

  • SN: (No Save)
  • PY: (Program BIOS)
  • CC: (Clear CMOS)
  • R: (Restart)
u can download the file by tying the the model no of your motherboard in google(some of the site(like softpedia) will provide u the bin or rom file.
but u must download the program to upgrade your bios using the file from the motherboard manufacturer site or from cd.


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