Dec 16, 2009

How to run windows XP applications using Run Box?

In this tip I will tell you a quick way to open a built-in Windows XP Applications by using “Run box”. The run option of Start menu is used to run a program or to open a document directly. If you do not know the exact location of the program or document then click on Start button to open Run and type the programs shortcut name to open it directly, For Example when you will open “Notepad” application and type “notepad” at the “Run box” then press “Enter” to run it. In this way you can run a lot of Windows XP Applications and Utilities.
Executable Filename        Function
Access.cpl              Used to run Add/Remove wizard 
Accwiz.exe              Runs the Accessibility Wizard 
appwiz.cpl               Runs the new add or remove programs wizard 
wab.exe                   Runs the Windows Address Book 
ntbackup.exe            Runs the Windows backup program 
charmap.exe            Runs the Windows Character Map 
Control.exe Runs the Control Panel 

Timedate.cpl            Launches the computer’s date and time panel 
Devmgmt.msc          Runs the Device Manager settings 
Cleanmgr.exe           Lets you play the Disk Cleanup utility 
netstat.exe                View information about network settings 
hdwwiz.cpl                Run the new hardware search wizard 
Chkdsk.exe               Runs the utility that checks your hard disk problems
cmd.exe or command.exe   Both use to run MSDOS commands 
Defrag.exe                 Run the Disk Defragmenter, which organizing files on your hard disk 
Desk.cpl                    Launches the Display properties dialog box 
fxsclnt.exe                 Use to  Runs the Fax Console panel 
control.exe folders      Display the Folder option dialog box 
control.exe fonts        Display the Fonts Folder option dialog box 
freecell.exe                Runs the  FreeCell game 
joy.cpl                       Runs the Game Controllers dialog box 
mshearts.exe             Launches the Hearts game 
helpctr.exe                 Display the windows Help and Support Center 
hypertrm.exe              Runs the HyperTerminal application 
bckgzm.exe               Run the Internet Backgammon game 
chkrzm.exe                Run the Internet Checkers game 
iexplore.exe               Run  the Internet Explorer 
inetcpl.cpl                  Run the Internet Properties dialog box 
main.cpl                     Help you to manage the Keyboard Properties 
logoff.exe                   Shortcut to Logoff Windows XP 
magnify.exe                Launches a program to magnify windows applications 
conf.exe                     Runs the Microsoft NetMeeting conferencing program. 


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