Nov 28, 2009


Encryption is the process involved to encode plain text into a secret code that makes the data unreadable form and cannot be easily understood by unauthorized person. Only authorized person can read this data using decryption method, decryption basically a process used to returning back it to its actual plain text form.
Today encryption providing us reliable data security across networks , wireless communication and internet. Everyday we are sending our password , credit card number and others secret code using internet to different websites. Encryption/decryption is very important and useful in wireless and internet communication, because the wireless communication are much easier to copy than wired communication. You can send text, numeric and secret codes securely using encryption/decryption.
There are many types of encryption, all are not reliable. Some people use software's for encryption and others use hardware for this purpose ,hardware technique is more reliable but more expensive than software. Mainly encryption includes web browser, email, hard disk and operating system protection and making date secure. In past 64-bit encryption technique was thought to be strong and standard but due to expansion of internet business this standard today 128-bit to make more secure internet transaction. Though browsers automatically encrypt and decrypt information when connected to a secure website.


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