Nov 28, 2009


The internet is a worldwide collection of networks that connects millions of computers, business, government agencies, educational institutions. It is a global network and source of information. Information can be communicated from one country to another through internet. More than two and half billion people around the world use the internet daily for different purposes. For example, to communicate with other people around the world, access information and latest news around the world. The computers are the main source through which information can be electronically sent and received from one location to another.
For this purpose a special device called modem is also used with computer and then computer is attached with the telephone line. The modem sends and receives the information over telephone lines. You  must have an internet connection of any local ISP to share the information on internet. The telephone lines, fiber-optic cables, satellite communications are the main media of communication that are used to connect to the internet.
Today internet is a global web of nearly one million computer networks. Internet host computers are connected to the  internet round the clock. The internet provides many facilities to the people. The main facilities are
  • to share information with other people around the world.
  • to access latest news, articles, sports around the world.
  • to communicate using chat software and email application.
  • to search information on different topics and problems.


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